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Unicrimp introduces red and white fire-safe metal cable clips
Unicrimp, has extended its range of 18th edition compliant fire-rated Metal Twin and Earth Cable Clips to include red and white options.
How to protect critical cabling for EV charging points
No matter how many chargers are installed, they need to work reliably, that’s why protecting the cabling should be of utmost importance.
What role does cable management play in infection control?
Barry Roberts explains how the specification of antimicrobial cable trunking systems can help to minimise the spread of germs and bacteria.
Why fibre-friendly cabling is essential in any new construction project
With high-speed internet now an expectation, contractors must take fibre-friendly cabling infrastructure into account during construction.
Wieland Electric’s RST Micro promises minimum size, maximum flexibility
Wieland Electric has introduced the RST Micro, a compact waterproof connector with a diameter of less than 15mm.
Why certification testing is key to deploying a successful Ethernet network
When it comes to deploying Ethernet network infrastructure to support data transmission, certification testing is key.
Ellis Patents puts Summit Tunnel on the right track
Ellis Patents has secured an order that has seen its Pegasus cable hangers hung at one of the world’s oldest railway tunnels.
Unicrimp adds new All Round Banding range
Unicrimp continues to expand its cable accessories portfolio with the addition of a new range of All Round Banding.
Wieland provides the electrical connection for HMP Five Wells
Wieland Electric has supplied a variety of products from the company’s gesis RST and GST ranges for HMP Five Wells.
Ellis Patents focuses on non-metallic market with launch of Solus
Ellis Patents has boosted the strength of its product offering with the launch of Solus – a range of non-metallic single cable clamps.