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Altilium, Connected Energy announce partnership to extend lifecycle of EV batteries

Altilium, Connected Energy announce partnership to extend lifecycle of EV batteries

Altilium, a UK-based clean technology group, and Connected Energy have formed a strategic partnership aimed at extending the lifecycle of EV batteries. 

Connected Energy specialises in energy storage systems utilising second-life EV batteries, while Altilium focuses on recycling end-of-life EV batteries and manufacturing scrap to produce low-carbon cathode active materials (CAM) for reuse in new batteries.

The partnership will focus on developing sustainable business models for the repurposing and recycling of EV batteries, potentially setting new industry-wide standards based on the waste hierarchy principles of reuse, repurpose, and recycle. 

By repurposing EV batteries in stationary systems, their operational life can be extended by up to 10 years, thus enhancing environmental and circular economy benefits. Once these batteries reach the end of their second life, the critical minerals they contain can be recovered and reused in new battery production, keeping valuable resources within the UK supply chain.

Altilium has received its first batch of batteries from Connected Energy, which will be processed using its EcoCathode recycling process at its facilities in Devon. This process allows for the recovery of over 95% of battery metals, including lithium, and results in a 60% reduction in carbon emissions and 20% lower costs compared to using virgin materials.

Rod Savage, Program Director for End-of-Life Batteries at Altilium, stated, “We’re excited to be working with Connected Energy to advance our shared vision of a circular economy for EV batteries. This collaboration is a further demonstration of Altilium’s commitment to the responsible management of end-of-life EV batteries, working with best-in-class partners across the value chain to support the growth of the entire battery ecosystem.”

Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy, added, “Over the next five years, we will see a rapid increase in the availability of used EV batteries. As an industry, it is critical that we work together to ensure that we move batteries through the value chain in a way that minimises their environmental impact whilst maximising their financial value. This collaboration is an important step in creating a model for true battery circularity.”Both Altilium and Connected Energy are part of a £30.1 million Nissan-led project, supported by the Advanced Propulsion Centre, aimed at strengthening the UK’s capabilities in EV battery reuse, recycling, and grid balancing.

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