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How grid sensors can assist DSOs with distributed renewables

In a recent session at Powered On Live 2024, Borzoo Mardani, Territory Manager for Grid Performance Solutions at Megger, explored the pivotal role of grid sensors in modernising energy distribution networks. 

Focusing on the challenges of ageing infrastructure, extreme weather, and the rise of renewable energy, Mardani detailed how Megger’s MS 5000 smart sensors significantly improve monitoring and reliability.

These sensors are equipped to continuously measure critical network parameters and identify potential faults before they cause outages, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime. 

Mardani also highlighted the integration capabilities of these sensors with utility control rooms through Megger’s Metro View software, which simplifies data analysis and supports proactive grid management.

For a deeper understanding of how these technologies are transforming grid performance, watch the full video session above.

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