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Powered On Live 2024 to explore hydrogen as a backup power solution

Powered On Live 2024 is just days away, with the two-day virtual event planning to have a session highlighting the benefits of using hydrogen as a backup power solution. 

While energy storage has been cited as a potential replacement for diesel gensets, its availability cannot always be guaranteed. That’s why hydrogen could be the secret to the future of cleaner backup power.

To explore that future, Robin Futcher, Managing Director of Commercial Fuel Solutions, will be on hand on June 13, with a deep dive into the way hydrogen can be used as backup power. 

Futcher Is a strong advocate for Hydrogen and sits on several technical committees and contributes directly as a working group member to BSI and ISO standards. His firm, Commercial Fuel Solutions, has also been selling hydrogen solutions for a number of years – which gives him a unique insight into both the potential of using hydrogen, as well as the challenges. 

You can catch Robin Futcher and the session on hydrogen as a backup power solution on June 14 at 11:05.

For those interested in learning more about the versatile applications of microgrids or in attending the event, registration details are available on the Powered On Live website.

Additionally, Electrical Review will have all the details regarding the other sessions and panels available at Powered On Live 2024 as we count down to the event on June 12-13, 2024. 

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