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National Grid’s Jon Davies unveils vision for a sustainable energy future

Jon Davies, Director of Network Operations & Intelligence at National Grid Electricity Transmission, recently delivered a keynote at Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future, where he provided an outlook on the evolving energy landscape. 

You can now watch the keynote on demand, where you’ll get an insight into the future of the energy system in the UK as we move towards a more sustainable future. 

Davies, who has been at the helm of managing and innovating the UK’s high-voltage transmission system, used his session to reveal how data-driven strategies and intelligent grid operations can significantly enhance the efficiency and sustainability of energy distribution. His talk covered the dramatic shifts in energy consumption patterns and the crucial role of renewable energy sources in reducing carbon footprints.

Highlighting several groundbreaking advancements and the challenges that lie ahead, Davies emphasised the importance of digital transformation in ensuring grid resilience and adapting to fluctuating energy demands. 

You can watch the full video above, and more sessions from Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable future will be available to watch on Electrical Review in the coming days. 

Plus, for those wishing to learn even more about the trends that are impacting the electrical industry, Powered On Live returns in June with a jam-packed agenda and key experts from across the sector

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