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A smarter grid could help unlock our decarbonised future

The world is getting smarter – whether it’s the phones in our pocket or the watches we wear on our wrist. But while these are devices we interact with every day, they’re arguably not where the true smart tech revolution is taking place. 

Instead, it’s the technology you don’t see that is truly transformational. Whether it’s the Internet of Things largely working away in the background to improve the efficiency and quality of our buildings, or the new technologies embedded into our grid to make them more resilient – these are the true unsung heroes of the smarter world. 

That’s why Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future is taking a deep dive into these technologies during a 40-minute panel session with some of the industry’s leading experts on the subject. 

At 10:05am BST, Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future will present “Smart Grids and IoT: Revolutionising Energy Management,” which will be moderated by Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy. 

Lumsden has a wealth of experience when it comes to making the grid a little smarter, with his current venture, Connected Energy developing cloud-based control software that is designed to automate and optimise battery energy storage systems. He has previously written for Electrical Review, espousing the benefits of energy storage, and how giving these systems a ‘brain’ can unlock their true potential

On the panel for this session will be Mark Potter, CTO of 3ti Energy Hubs, Paul Beck, Director of Gridkey and Innovation at Lucy Electric, and Dr. Thomas Verghese, Technical Manager at Enersys.

Potter brings to the table a wealth of experience in integrating renewable energy solutions into existing infrastructures, while Beck’s expertise lies in the innovation of electric grid technologies, aiming to enhance the reliability and efficiency of electrical distribution.

Of course, there’s a lot more to see at Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future, and Electrical Review will be here to give you the inside track on the event as we get closer.

You can find out all the details and how to register for Powered On: Engineering a Sustainable Future over on the event’s official website.

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