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Schneider Electric debuts new MasterPacT MTZ Active low voltage air circuit breaker

Schneider Electric has launched a new low voltage air circuit breaker, dubbed MasterPacT MTZ Active

Schneider Electric has launched a new low voltage air circuit breaker, dubbed MasterPacT MTZ Active, aimed at enhancing power distribution in critical industries, such as data centres. 

The MasterPacT MTZ Active was officially unveiled at Data Centre World in London this morning, where the company shared an insight into how the product could impact real-time power monitoring and measurement to aid in decision-making, diminish downtime, and push forward sustainability initiatives, while still ensuring continuous operation.

Data centres are being increasingly relied upon for more aspects of our daily lives, and with the AI boom, it’s likely that they’ll become even more important as time goes on. That means data centre operators have to contend with the challenge of constant uptime, with Gartner recently estimating that data centre downtimes could cost upwards of $300,000 per hour, while also dealing with wider issues, such as increasing energy costs and the need to decarbonise. 

Schneider Electric believes that the MasterPacT MTZ Active is a potential solution to these challenges, offering data centre operators the ability to more effectively monitor and manage energy use. 

It does this by introducing features which promise to enhance safety and operational effectiveness. For instance, the inclusion of an Energy Reduction Maintenance Setting (ERMS) serves to protect maintenance staff from arc flash hazards, while the design of the control unit simplifies the configuration of protection functions, including current, time delays, and alarms.

Additionally, Schneider Electric has included an industry-first QR code solution, which allows data centre operators to scan the code to access comprehensive instructions to optimise decision-making on the most effective restorative actions to take. 

Ionut Farcas, Senior Vice President, Europe & International Hub, Power Products Division at Schneider Electric, noted, “The new MasterPacT MTZ Active makes the invisible visible for critical industry operators to see and track their energy use in real time. By making such information available at a glance, data centre operators are empowered to make better energy management decisions, reduce consumption, eliminate waste, and improve efficiency.”

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