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Raigmore Hospital in Scotland unveils new solar-powered EV charging hub

Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, Scotland, has introduced a new solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging hub, the first of its kind in Scotland.

Raigmore Hospital in Inverness, Scotland, has introduced a new solar-powered electric vehicle (EV) charging hub, the first of its kind in Scotland. 

This development, the first of its kind in Scotland, equips the hospital with 12 EV charge points that utilize solar energy, complementing the hospital’s existing fleet of electric vehicles.

The charging hub, known as Papilio3, offers 12 EV chargepoints and utilises solar energy to help reduce its impact on the local grid, as well as its carbon emissions. Although those features aren’t what make this charging hub special – instead it’s the fact that deploying the EV charging hub can be achieved in less than eight hours. 

The rapid deployment is made possible thanks to the EV charging hub being constructed around a repurposed shipping container. That doesn’t mean it lacks facilities, however, with the hub featuring a waterproof canopy, energy-saving motion sensor lights, and comprehensive CCTV for added security. 

This initiative aims to facilitate destination and workplace charging for electric vehicles, addressing the increasing need for accessible and convenient charging solutions. It is especially suited to locations like Raigmore Hospital, where visitors and staff often have extended stays.

The system is pre-equipped with a billing system and can generate approximately 18MWh of electricity annually, translating to over 63,000 miles of electric driving range.

Offered on a rental basis by 3ti, the installation requires no upfront capital expenditure from customers. It represents a stride forward in the hospital’s commitment to environmental sustainability and the promotion of electric vehicle use among patients, staff, and visitors.

Brian Johnstone, Head of Energy, Environment, and Sustainability at NHS Highland, emphasised the project’s alignment with the organisation’s environmental and healthcare delivery goals. “With the introduction of Papilio3, NHS Highland is now better positioned to support patients, staff, and visitors with EVs at Raigmore,” he stated, highlighting the broader commitment to renewable energy use and innovative solutions like Papilio3.

Shaun Wightman-Smith, Business Development Manager at 3ti, commented, “We are proud to deliver another Papilio3, adding to our growing portfolio of applications, this time in the Scottish Highlands. The location of our latest installation showcases the impressive capability of our innovative solar car park, which is designed to provide EV charging infrastructure and reduce grid dependency to a range of facilities in different locations in the UK.”

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