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Vietnamese manufacturer fortifies power infrastructure with Centiel PremiumTower UPSs

Centiel PremiumTower UPS

Century Synthetic Fiber Corporation, a leading Vietnamese manufacturer of polyester filament yarns, has partnered with Truong Khai Development (TKC) to upgrade its uninterruptible power supply systems with Centiel PremiumTower UPSs. 

The new UPSs from Centiel are designed to provide Century with the reliable and efficient power protection it needs to maintain its continuous 24/7 production operations. It replaces a previous UPS system, which had been in operation for 20 years, and were beginning to experience operational issues and were not meeting the company’s growing needs for power reliability. 

As part of its brief, Century sought a more modern, efficient, and scalable UPS solution that could support its expanding production capacity and ensure uninterrupted power to its critical machinery. It contracted TKC, a partner and distributor of Centiel, to come up with a solution, with TKC proposing the installation of Centiel PremiumTower UPSs. 

PremiumTower is a three-phase, double-conversion online UPS that promises maximum efficiency and minimal space requirements, delivering up to 415 kW per square meter of power. The self-contained cabinets can be wall-mounted with only front access required for service, while it can also be paralleled as needed to provide either additional power capacity or redundancy.

TKC engineers worked closely with Century’s engineering team to carefully survey the site and the plant’s existing systems, developing an effective action plan for the UPS system replacements. In the end, the installation project took only one day, with four TKC engineers supported by a project manager and four laborers.

Two Centiel PremiumTower 500kW UPSs, one supported by Hoppecke batteries and the other using existing 108 Fiamm batteries, now provide five five-minute backups for the plant’s heavy-duty machining equipment.

To ensure the continued optimal performance of the PremiumTower UPSs, TKC now provides Century with two preventive maintenance visits per year. This proactive approach to maintenance is designed to minimise downtime and ensure that Century’s power supply remains reliable and secure.

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