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UK Power Networks completes £825k transformer upgrade

UK Power Networks has completed the installation of a new transformer in Forest Row, East Sussex.

UK Power Networks, has announced the completion of a significant £825,000 upgrade to the electricity network serving Forest Row, East Sussex. 

This development is part of a broader £600 million investment aimed at bolstering power supplies across the South East, London, and East of England.

In the heart of Forest Row, engineers have installed a new 22-tonne transformer at a local substation. This transformer is crucial for stepping down the voltage from 33,000 to 11,000 volts, ensuring that power is safely delivered to smaller substations and then distributed to approximately 3,900 homes and businesses in the area.

Farukh Amin, the project manager at UK Power Networks, highlighted the significance of this upgrade. “The commissioning of the new transformer not only maintains but enhances the security and resilience of our network,” Amin said. “It’s a critical step in meeting the growing electricity demands, especially as residents adopt more low carbon technologies.”

This project is particularly timely, as it addresses the increasing demand for electricity spurred by the integration of low carbon technologies, such as electric vehicles, heat pumps, and solar panels on residential rooftops.

The new equipment replaces an older transformer that had been in service since the 1960s. In line with the company’s commitment to sustainability and circular economy goals, the previous transformer is set to be recycled by specialist contractors.

Adding to the future-proofing of this investment, the site is also fortified with a flood wall, designed to enhance resilience against potential 1 in 100-year flood events.

The nine-month project, which began in February, has now seen the new transformer energised. The completion of the remaining civil works will mark the full fruition of the project.

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