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Megger debuts IDAX 322 insulation diagnostics analyser

Megger debuts IDAX 322 insulation diagnostics analyser

Trustworthy test results that accurately reflect the condition of power transformers, bushings, current transformers and other key assets are easily obtained with the new Megger IDAX 322 insulation diagnostics analyser. 

This compact yet versatile instrument uses advanced dielectric frequency response (DFR) technology and operates at up to 2 kV peak, allowing users to identify problems missed by other instruments and to make exact measurements even in electrically noisy environments.

Despite its exceptional capabilities, the new IDAX 322 is easy to use, with automated test flow, automatic assessment of results against international standards, and a ‘traffic-light’ display system that shows at a glance whether the asset under test is serviceable, suspect or defective. All test results are corrected to standard reference temperatures using individual temperature correction (ITC) technology pioneered by Megger.

“Traditional test methods for insulation condition diagnostics of power assets sometimes give misleading results,” said Dr. Diego Robalino, Business Development Director Power Transformers of Megger. 

“This leads users to believe that the asset is in good condition, when in fact, its health for normal operation might be compromised and, in some particular instances, even close to failure. These unexpected failures can be damaging in many ways, including financial, environmental and in relation to social perception.”

“To provide better insights into complex insulation conditions, Megger has been developing, improving and supplying DFR testing technology for more than 20 years,” he continued. 

“The IDAX 322 is the latest embodiment of this technology and combines unmatched high voltage capabilities with versatility, ease of use and portability. We believe that it is an important development that has the potential to protect the industry against financial, environmental and social harm by reliably detecting incipient faults.”

Megger’s new IDAX 322 insulation diagnostics analyser offers testing that complies with international guides and standards that include Cigre TB 254, Cigre TB 414, Cigre TB 445, Cigre TB 775, IEEE C57.152-2013 and IEEE C57.161-2018.

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