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Powerdown220 offers free voltage optimisation machines to high energy users

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Powerdown220 has announced a brand-new scheme that could see high energy users receive a free voltage optimisation machine. 

Businesses that consume over 300,000 kWh of electricity a year are being offered the opportunity to apply to receive a free voltage optimisation machine from Powerdown220, with installation costs also covered. 

Voltage optimisers reduce the voltage supplied from the National Grid to the optimal level for equipment. This results in savings on energy bills and improved equipment lifespan, not to mention the reduction in carbon emissions. However, they come with a large upfront investment – something many businesses will be reluctant to make. 

That’s why Powerdown220 has launched this new scheme, vowing to give away a million pound’s worth of voltage optimisers – although there is a catch with the company’s generosity. 

While there will be nothing to pay upfront, including the cost of installation, there will be a cost for the voltage optimisation in the form of a ‘shared-savings’ agreement. This basically means that a portion of the financial savings that firms make from the installation of a voltage optimiser will flow back to Powerdown220 to help cover the cost. 

This is why the scheme is only open to businesses that consume over 300,000 kWh of electricity, as the savings generated by a voltage optimiser are likely to be much higher than with smaller installations. 

Despite the need to share some of the financial savings, this could still be a good deal for companies without the available capital to stump for a voltage optimiser, but still want to lower their energy bills and reduce their carbon emissions. Those customers will already be facing higher energy bills without the voltage optimiser, so sharing a portion of the savings will have minimal impact. 

James Goodby, Director at Powerdown220, commented, “‘We are delighted to be able to offer this to clients who want to save money and carbon but without the capital cost.

‘‘Our customers typically achieve energy savings of between seven and twelve per cent, and we are thrilled to have the ability to share these savings with our clients without them facing the financial burden of up-front costs.’’You can apply to the new scheme from Powerdown220 here.

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