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New low voltage test leads from Megger

Megger new low voltage test leads 2023

Megger has released a comprehensive new range of test leads and accessories for use with its multifunction installation testers and other low voltage test instruments. 

Designed specifically to offer enhanced durability, the new items comply fully with relevant standards and guidelines, including GS 38, and have a safety rating of CAT IV 600 V/CAT III 1000 V in line with IEC61010-031.

“Although their importance is often underestimated, test leads and accessories are a vital part of all test equipment,” said Peter Wade, UK LV Sales Manager of Megger.

 “Our new leads and accessories have been designed based on customer feedback, including a longer lead length, high tensile steel probe tips and the professional “grabber” style crocodile clips, whilst ensuring we meet the highest safety standards to provide a long service life. To ensure user safety, they will still need to be inspected regularly and replaced as soon as they start to show any sort of wear or degradation.”

All of the new items and accessories are offered in sets to suit particular types of test equipment or customer needs. For example, a three-lead 10-piece set is available for use with multifunction testers, incorporating the extended 1400 mm colour-coded test leads, probes, grabber clips and standard croc-clips. Similar kits, with appropriate contents, are available for use with insulation testers, loop testers and RCD testers.

Separate fused test leads with either 10 A or 500 mA fuses are available, removing the need to purchase complete lead sets, instead utilising the existing accessories supplied with any standard lead set. Standard non-fused test leads and accessories are also listed, removing the need to purchase complete kits should anything be damaged or lost.

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