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More than 70% of UK councils lack EV charging strategy, research reveals

More than 70% of UK councils lack an EV charging strategy.
Vauxhall plans to supercharge the roll-out of EV chargers by making it easier for local councils.

More than 70% of councils across the UK lack a comprehensive EV charging strategy, according to new research from British car manufacturer Vauxhall. 

The lack of an EV charging strategy by many councils across the UK isn’t exactly new to many Electrical Review readers, it’s something that we’ve covered multiple times previously. However, rather than just share its findings, Vauxhall wants to do something about it. 

Vauxhall has revealed a brand-new initiative dubbed ‘Electric Streets of Britain’, which it hopes will supercharge the rollout of EV chargers across the UK. More specifically, the brand wants to make sure that those without access to off-street parking are not excluded from being able to own an EV. 

To achieve its goals, the company is partnering with, Connected Kerb and SureCharge, three of the UK’s leading on-street EV chargepoint operators. These companies specialise in installing EV chargepoints near people’s homes, meaning drivers can conveniently charge without having to make a detour – a major benefit of owning an electric vehicle. 

The lack of on-street charging is evident in Vauxhall’s findings, with it noting that 69% of local authorities have yet to install even a single on-street charger. That isn’t all too surprising given many councils lack EV charging strategies, but it could put into jeopardy the UK’s Government’s target of having 300,000 EV chargers running by the end of 2030.

In fact, the UK Government is more than likely going to miss that target, as according to the 289 councils who provided data up to July 1, 2023, only 14,188 new charge points are planned for installation this year. 

So, what exactly is Vauxhall going to do, and what is its ‘Electric Streets of Britain initiative? 

Vauxhall’s plans to supercharge EV charging installations across the UK

‘Electric Streets of Britain’ will be specifically targeted at both current and prospective EV buyers who do not have access to off-street parking, and would benefit from on-street charging. 

Working with, Connected Kerb and SureCharge, Vauxhall has set up an ‘Enablement Fund’ to help councils understand the scale of on-street charging issues, and the solutions available.

Vauxhall has also set up a new national database at for the public to register their needs, enabling councils to have a better understanding of where demand really lies for on-street charging for both existing and potential EV drivers.  

The company notes that on-street charging solutions, which include lamp post chargers, can often be installed in as little as 30 minutes. Additionally, telecom companies such as Virgin Media and BT are using their on-street cabinets to help provide the necessary power infrastructure for EV chargers.

Of course, while on-street charging provision will help residents without off-street parking to conveniently charge their EVs, the benefits extend beyond private motorists. An estimated four in 10 company owned electric vans are charged at home by employees, so the widespread availability of charge points will support businesses to go electric by helping van drivers to top up both at home and, as destination chargers, when they are attending residential jobs.

James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, comments: “Accessibility to charge points near your home is critical to the transition to electric vehicle ownership in the UK. We want to galvanise the needs and interests of everyone, from the public, to the councils and the charging operators to make sure that anyone without a driveway is part of that journey.

“We want to help educate and inform the decision-makers, and enable the installation of more chargers, more quickly.”

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