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Megger socket adaptor saves time, increases safety

Megger MSA1363 socket adaptor

Ideal for use when carrying out R2 and R1+ R2 tests on electrical installations, the new MSA1363 socket adaptor from Megger allows convenient connections to be made to the live, neutral and earth conductors at any UK BS1363 socket outlet. 

The adaptor simply plugs in, in the same way as a standard plug, eliminating the need to dismantle the socket or expose live terminals to gain access to the connections. Not only does this save time, it is also far safer and, as the socket does not need to be disturbed, there is no risk of damage to the surrounding decorations.

“When they’re testing installations, electricians and contractors often need to make connections to the conductors at power sockets,” said Peter Wade, LVI Sales Manager of Megger, “and this typically involves removing the socket from the wall and replacing it when the test is complete. This is tedious and time consuming. The MSA1363 adaptor provides a complete and effective solution. It’s one of our simplest products, but we’re confident that it will prove to be one of our biggest time savers.”

To further aid convenience and safety, the MSA1363 adaptor features colour-coded test sockets on the front, which enable the test connections to be made quickly, securely and with minimum risk of error. It is suitable for use with almost any type of installation tester that has test leads fitted with standard 4 mm plugs, and it has a safety rating of CAT IV 300 V in line with IEC 61010.

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