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Megger adaptors make installation testing safer and faster

Megger LA-KIT lamp adaptor

The new LA-KIT lamp adaptor set from portable test equipment expert Megger, makes it safer, easier and faster to test low voltage electrical installations. 

The kit includes five adaptors which plug directly into light sockets in place of the lamp, allowing connections to be made to the lighting circuit in seconds – without the need to dismantle the sockets to access the terminals. Not only is this a big time saver, it is also much safer, especially when working at height.

“For electricians and contractors, carrying out insulation, loop impedance and continuity tests on lighting circuits can be tedious and time consuming,” said Peter Wade of Megger, “because it’s often difficult to gain access to the actual terminals. Our new lamp adaptor kit solves this problem because it contains adaptors that match the most commonly used lamp bases. It’s a simple inexpensive product but, after they’ve tried it, users will wonder how they managed without it.”

Suitable for use with almost all types of installation tester, the Megger LA-KIT lamp adaptor kit includes adaptors to suit B22, B14, E27, E14, and GU10 lamp holders. Each adaptor has two sockets that accept standard 4 mm test plugs and, for the E27 and E14 types, the sockets are colour-coded for polarity. As the other adaptors are reversible, polarity coding is not possible.  A two-wire test lead set is supplied as standard and all the items are contained in a convenient and durable carrying case.

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