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Virgin Media-backed EV charging operator offers free installs for businesses

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Liberty Charge, the EV charging network backed by Virgin Media’s parent company Liberty Global, has announced plans to offer free EV charger installations for businesses across the UK. 

Thus far Liberty Charge has mostly concentrated on supporting local authorities with their EV charger roll-out. The operator works closely with its sister company Virgin Media, with EV charging points being installed alongside the broadband provider’s existing infrastructure and ongoing network build programme. 

With the company having established numerous contracts with local authorities in London and across the UK, it’s now ready to roll out its service to a wider audience. That’s why it’s now allowing businesses to sign up to the service, offering free EV charge point installations for those who want to provide chargers to their customers or employees. 

As part of the offer, Liberty Charge will help businesses identify which charging speeds are required, before proceeding to install and offer ongoing maintenance to ensure the chargers remain operational. While the installation is free, however, Liberty Charge plans to make their money back in a profit-sharing agreement, with the operator charging a fee to use the chargers, which will then be split between the business and the charge point operator. 

According to Liberty Charge, the offer delivers a competitive host remuneration package, to enhance car park revenues, and it will be supporting not only major corporations, but also the small- and medium-sized enterprise sector.

Neil Isaacson, Liberty Charge CEO, noted, “Our experience of the public sector has shown the importance of an end-to-end, ‘one-stop-shop’ offering – we recognise that businesses, like local authorities, are time-poor and need support and expertise to ensure their offering attracts customers – without causing unnecessary hassle for facilities and parking managers.”

“Businesses need to ensure their EV charging not only attracts customers through convenience and reliability, but that it also supports their bottom line.

“As a fully-funded, zero-cost service that helps businesses maximise their car park revenues – while ensuring competitive charging rates – we are ideally placed to deliver their needs.”

Neil believes each sector requires dedicated support, “Businesses require a thorough understanding of what their customers and stakeholders are looking for,” he added. 

“Across the board, there is a need to reduce CO2 emissions, and so a key part of our service is helping businesses to convince stakeholders of the environmental importance in helping their customers travel sustainably, as well as the long-term financial benefits.”

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