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evyve taps Tritium for 10,000 EV chargers as it aims to become one of the UK’s largest charging networks

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evyve, a relatively small EV charging network that is mostly found at Greene King pubs across the UK, has announced ambitious growth plans which could see it become one of the UK’s largest charging networks. 

Despite its relative obscurity, evyve has partnered with Tritium to help it meet its ambitious goal, with the company intending to install 10,000 chargers from the manufacturer by 2030. The company is already seeing a rapid growth in its charger network thanks to contracts to build chargers at retail parks owned by Peel L&P and Greene King pubs.

“With the number of registered battery-electric cars in the UK growing by more than 40% in 2022, it’s more important than ever that drivers have access to fast and reliable charging technology to ensure a convenient driver experience and a seamless transition to e-mobility,” said Tritium CEO Jane Hunter. 

“We’re proud to be the preferred fast charger provider for the evyve charging network, and we look forward to helping them accomplish their goal to become the largest destination and enroute charging network in the UK. For Tritium, this announcement is a reflection of an increasing number of conversations with customers looking to address anticipated multi-year demand and secure product availability beyond just the next 12 months.”

If the company achieves its goal of 10,000 chargers by 2030, it wouldn’t be the UK’s largest charging network by the number of chargers. That’s because several other companies have committed to installing thousands of EV chargers by that date, with Shell committed to 50,000 EV chargepoints in the UK by the end of 2025. However, Shell is planning to install many 7 kW chargers, while evyve plans to target the destination and en-route charging market, with its partnership with Tritium set to see a range of 75 kW and 150 kW chargers installed. 

evyve is already working hard towards its goal, with an initial order from Tritium of 350 fast chargers, the first 60 of which have already been installed and are available to the public. 

James Moat, CEO of evyve, said: “evyve is focused on providing a seamless and reliable customer experience and we are thrilled to be partnering with a leading fast charger manufacturer like Tritium, giving us the confidence to accelerate our plans to become one of UK’s leading charge point service providers.

“Due to its compact design and modularity, Tritium’s innovative fast charger technology has enabled us to roll out our network across multiple locations quickly and efficiently, providing us with the foundation to support the UK’s transition to electric vehicles today and 20 years from now.”

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