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Legrand acquires UK-based UPS specialist Power Control

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Legrand has announced the acquisition of Power Control Ltd, a UK-based specialist in uninterruptible power supplies. 

Both Legrand and Power Control have had a close working relationship since 2019, when the two firms announced a strategic partnership. That saw Power Control become the first to offer Legrand’s Trimod HE, Trimod MCS and Keor MOD modular three-phase UPS ranges in the UK. 

However, while the partnership was seen as an opportunity for Legrand to bring its UPS technology to the UK, the company is now embarking upon a mission to grow its market share. It believes that an acquisition of Power Control, which already has a strong foundation within the UK UPS market, will help it achieve that aim. 

Pascal Stutz, CEO of Legrand UK & Ireland, noted, “We want to develop our presence in the UK within the critical power and UPS vertical markets. Power Control has a long and successful history in the UK, making it a fantastic opportunity to help us realise our growth ambitions.”

Tom Nicholson, Managing Director of Power Control, commented, “As part of the Legrand Group, we see a major opportunity to leverage the company’s considerable, globally-gained expertise to broaden our opportunities. It will allow us to work on new projects across an array of sectors, including data centre, healthcare and building management, where continuity of mission critical power supply is crucial.

“Being part of a large-scale, international group will undoubtedly help us continue to meet the demands of our customers and whilst giving them added peace of mind – covering everything from sales, installation and commissioning through to after-sales support and service.”

The acquisition will allow Power Control and Legrand to help customers ensure that they have the right UPS and other mission critical power solutions in place to meet potential supply volatility over the coming months.

Stutz added, “Power Control’s track record speaks for itself. In terms of the UPS/hydrogen fuel cell solution, we think there’s great potential to explore ways in which we can expand this technology, both in the UK and across other geographies. It also ties into Legrand’s approach to sustainability, supporting customers as they look to meet Net Zero targets.”

Nicholson concluded, “Customers want to ensure that their UPS is in good condition and those that don’t have a backup solution may be thinking that it is the right time to invest. There is also an ever-increasing focus on energy efficient UPS solutions, with customers already asking us if UPS technology can help them manage their energy usage and power grid interaction.

“When you add in the interest of different technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, and local, renewable energy supplies, Power Control is helping customers thanks to our innovative solutions. For example, we’ve recently integrated a UPS with hydrogen fuel cells, and we see the demand for this type of solution only increasing.”

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