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Signify set to light up all 69 Everlast Gyms in the UK

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Signify has been appointed by Frasers Group to design and supply the lighting for all 69 Everlast Gyms across the UK. 

The lighting upgrade, which is to be rolled out across the Everlast Gyms portfolio, is part of the Fraser Group’s ‘elevation strategy’ to develop a unique model within the UK fitness industry and offer an unparalleled class and gym experience for Everlast members and visitors which is both inclusive and immersive.

In addition, designing the gyms with LED lighting dramatically cuts the energy consumption by about 80%, when compared to the traditional technologies that were deployed earlier. Added controls will help manage and reduce energy consumption by creating and managing uniform light schedules for all 69 gyms from a single dashboard, reducing operational costs, ensuring compliance, and efficiently planning maintenance.

Everlast gyms at Denton, Shirebrook and Preston have already been upgraded and offer members a variety of different environments – dubbed ‘innovative zones’ – to train in.

Signify opted to install contemporary luminaires from its Modular range, which promise to distribute a soft yet functional light. These lights use minimalist design principles that add to the visual appeal of the space. To complement this, the Keyline range, from the Philips portfolio, creates chevrons, lines and squares in the ceiling, directing members to the different zones and identifying the individual areas.

Addition of connected lighting control

Everlast Preston

As part of the redesign, the Interact connected lighting system, which includes multisite management capability, provides centralised lighting control for all the gyms. Agreed scenes and schedules ensure a consistent look and feel, as well as providing increased visibility, flexibility, and control of the lights. 

The cloud-based platform collects data from all light points via a connected lighting infrastructure and is displayed on a centralised dashboard. This enables better comparison, monitoring and management of lighting across multiple locations for improved efficiency.

Improving the circular economy

Everlast Shirebrook

The gyms also feature tailor-made pendant and projector lights which are 3D printed luminaires designed and developed to suit the exact needs of each individual location. These fixtures are made of 100% recyclable polycarbonate material, which is also lightweight and therefore cheaper to transport. The luminaires are serviceable and offer the ability to prolong the technical and economic lifetime of the product after it has been put into service.

“The first of our elevated sites in Denton, Preston and Shirebrook reflect our ambitions for Everlast Gyms and perfectly demonstrate the gym experience we aim to bring to all of our members throughout the UK,” commented Daniel Summerson, Managing Director of Everlast Gyms, Frasers Group. 

“We needed to make sure that the lighting added to the look and feel of the club, while also keeping the facility environmentally friendly. It has been great to switch on these solutions and I am looking forward to working with Signify on the roll-out across the UK, with Nottingham to be the next gym to have the upgraded experience for members.’’

Daniel Maskell, National Sales Manager, Signify UK&I, added, “The design of the gyms, combined with the ‘innovative zones’, makes this a very exciting project for us at Signify as it ensures that lighting plays a key role in the entire experience. The LED solutions and the connected lighting system that we have installed make Everlast gyms the venue of choice for many. A positive impact on the environment is another huge benefit for the gyms: the upgrade to LED lighting reduces energy consumption, while the implementation of 3D printed technology further reduces Everlast gyms’ carbon footprint. The gyms really make a statement to the fitness industry, and we are looking forward to working with Everlast on the rest of their gyms across the UK.”

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