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Harting Han-Modular Domino: the next level of modular industrial connectors

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Harting Han-Modular Domino Connector

Harting has launched Han-Modular Domino modules as the next development stage of the modular connector. 

The new series meets industry requirements for saving installation space and weight. For example, users of Han-Modular Domino modules can save up to 50% installation space by integrating different transmission types in one module

The Domino module also contributes to reduced costs and conservation of resources. Less energy and raw materials are needed to manufacture smaller components, whilst space and weight savings make them cheaper to transport. Modularity is improved by the use of smaller components that can be arranged next to each other in hinged frames.

Installers benefit from the new range as shorter assembly times mean the amount of labour required is reduced. The lighter and smaller interfaces also support decarbonisation; a major rail manufacturer has calculated that a train saves £12,000 in energy costs for every kilo of reduced weight over its 40-year service life. This calculation is based on the energy prices of 2015; today, the value is significantly higher due to the increase in energy costs.

Just as dominoes have two separate squares, a domino module is made up of two building blocks or ‘cubes’. The Han-Modular mating face is divided in two, resulting in an almost square surface in which even larger contacts can be accommodated. The cubes support the configuration of customised connectors that are exactly tailored to design requirements. Power, signal, data or compressed air as well as male and female contacts can now be combined in one module. This reduces the total number of interfaces required. As the connection technology becomes smaller and more lightweight, more modules and module types than before fit into one connector.

The new range is fully compatible with existing components of the Han-Modular series, which allows you to produce a bespoke connector by combining individual modules for different transmission media in a single connector. You can also use the online Han Configurator tool to design interfaces for specific applications.

You start by selecting three inputs (contacts, voltage and current) to generate the first possible solution. The smart assistant feature will only allow you to apply valid configurations, saving valuable design time.

You’ll benefit from an onscreen 3D visualisation of the current configuration, meaning you can view your creation from a range of angles. It’s also extremely easy to download all documentation (including STP files) with a single click and quickly save, load and share your configuration within a team. To learn more, please visit or email

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