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DALI Alliance scraps DALI-1 certification, goes all-in on DALI-2

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The DALI Alliance has announced that DALI-1 certification will no longer be offered to companies, with it turning its focus to DALI-2

DALI-2 certification began in 2017, although the DALI Alliance has continued to allow certifications for DALI 1, however this was only available for control gear. Meanwhile, DALI 2 certification covers bus power supplies, as well as control devices, such as application controllers, sensors, and other input devices.

“DALI-2 certification has matured sufficiently that we no longer see the need to offer a registration scheme for DALI version-1 control gear,” noted Paul Drosihn, DALI Alliance General Manager. 

“We encourage all users to look for the DALI-2 or D4i logos, which confirm that the product is certified by the DALI Alliance and is fully compliant with the relevant specifications.”

Through standardising all new products into the DALI-2 program, the DALI Alliance is ensuring that products are on a singular platform that allows interoperability between different manufacturers. 

Driven by the DALI Alliance and building on the requirements of the international IEC 62386 standard, DALI-2 certification requires rigorous product testing. The test results are independently verified by the DALI Alliance. In contrast, DALI version-1 testing was less detailed and relied on self-declaration, without requiring third-party verification of test results.

DALI-2 certification is now available for all control gear types in common use, including those for colour control and self-contained emergency lighting. DALI-2 also includes a broad range of additional features such as storage and reporting of luminaire, energy and diagnostics data.

As well as operating the DALI-2 and D4i certification programs, the DALI Alliance is developing DALI+ certification for DALI devices operating over wireless and IP-based networks, and is collaborating with the Zhaga Consortium to offer Zhaga-D4i certification for luminaires and control devices.

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