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Schneider Electric launches second-generation Metalclad Distribution Substation range

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Schneider Electric, the leader in energy management and automation, has launched the second-generation Metalclad Distribution Substation, an integrated, compact electrical substation range delivering unparalleled convenience and reliability to customers in utilities, energy and commercial industries.

Substations typically rely on equipment such as transformers, generators, and power cables to deliver power from the generating unit to the end consumer. Traditionally, these major components are purchased from different suppliers and need to be assembled on-site, adding complexity, cost, and potential damage to components.  

The second-generation Metalclad Distribution Substation (MDS) is a pioneering and cost-effective pre-assembled solution. Its compact size minimises the need for a large space during the installation phase. Additionally, the MDS features a bunding system that captures oil leakage, making it ideal for environmentally sensitive locations such as electric vehicle charging parks, airports, factories, pharmaceuticals, retail parks and railway infrastructure.  

MDS is the all-in-one solution, incorporating:

  • Safety of the highest levels: Fully type-tested design compliant to IEC62271-202 ensures operator and public safety. MDS has internal arc control, successfully tested up to 21kA at KEMA’s testing laboratory.
  • Industry compliant: MDS is supplied with Schneider Electric’s latest range of Ecodesign Tier 2 compliant transformers. The transformer tanks are supplied with fittings following current industry standards.
  • Compact efficiency: The key to many of the benefits of MDS is its small size, achieved through close integration of the components and by keeping the components themselves compact.
  • Environmentally friendly: The MDS features an integral bunding system that allows water to drain away while stopping any oil leakage in the unlikely event that it occurs.

Commenting on its launch, David Hall, VP Power Systems, Schneider Electric UK and Ireland, noted, “With the growing demand for more secure energy supply across an increasingly complex electricity grid, reliable and safe electrical substations are crucial. Utilities today face ever-higher expectations to maintain power quality and achieve greater service continuity. With the widespread integration of distributed energy resources across the network, more smart grid capabilities are being introduced into substations to meet these expectations.”

Manufactured and assembled in Leeds, United Kingdom, MDS is a Schneider Electric core product for the current Low-Voltage and High-Voltage range.

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