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Does EDF really need even more subsidies for Sizewell C?

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Sizewell C Nuclear Reactor
Sizewell C will be one of the UK's newest nuclear power stations. Image credit: EDF

In this week’s Gossage, our columnist discusses the irony that is the UK Government’s policy towards subsidising EDF.

Under new legislation, our normally parsimonious government has just earmarked a further £1.7 billion towards meeting their (uncosted) promise to ensure that another new nuclear fission power plant may possibly begin being built before the next election.

By doing so, our beloved leaders are ensuring that Sizewell C will now have subsidised development, subsidised construction, subsidised power production and subsidised waste management, for a project still being run by Europe’s most subsidised company, Electricité de France. Free markets? Don’t you believe it.

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  • by Anthony C Seaman
    Posted April 7, 2022 8:32 pm 0Likes


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