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Schneider Electric combines energy and automation to improve efficiency and sustainability in logistics centres

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Schneider Electric is showcasing end-to-end energy management and automation solutions for the logistics and warehousing industry at the IntraLogisteX showcase in Coventry at the end of this month. This is part of the new collective end-to-end offering for the manufacturing and logistics industry, which the firm says will ensure hyper-efficiency, resiliency, and sustainability.

With the logistics industry under pressure from increasing volumes and supply chain challenges, ensuring process efficiencies and robust operations are critical to meet the expectations of modern logistics customers. The World Economic Forum recently reported that e-commerce deliveries increased by 25% in 2020 alone. In addition, 99% of global retailers are expected to be offering same-day delivery to customers within the next three years, compared to 35% being able to do so today.

Schneider’s IoT-enabled EcoStruxure platform promises centralised, secure and efficient management and monitoring of infrastructure equipment (such as heating, cooling and ventilation) across multiple different workflows. This platform also features pressure transducers that detect changes in physical building infrastructure that might indicate a need for maintenance (such as a leaking pipe). This enables maintenance and service engineers to respond in a timely way and before a more serious issue arises, ensuring operational continuity and regulatory compliance.

Additionally, the EcoStruxure platform offering will allow warehouse operators to monitor, control, and optimise their building’s performance throughout its lifecycle, ultimately reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency.

Other key features include:

  • Improved maintenance with vibration monitoring: helps maintenance engineers track how motors and pumps are performing, indicating the need for repairs or replacements and reducing potential production downtime.
  • Remote Condition Monitoring: RCM enables engineers to track data for on-site machines at a distance, incorporating multi-level sensors to integrate the whole value chain
  • Sustainability as a priority: See up to 30% energy savings while creating a healthy, sustainable environment.

Mark Yeeles, VP Industrial Automation UK and Ireland at Schneider Electric, noted, “Our EcoStruxure platform is a crucial tool to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges. We are excited to launch a comprehensive offering that will provide the logistics industry with reliable and efficient software that delivers the right information when, where and how you want it. Customers will experience a reduction in unscheduled maintenance and energy costs, enabling an unparalleled service to customers.”

The EcoStruxure platform for warehouses can be seen at the IntraLogisteX showcase in Coventry from 29th to 30th March.

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