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Powered On: Was Cop26 a success or a total cop out?

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The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, more commonly known as Cop26, has finally wrapped up and while it was the largest and sixth longest to date, was it a success?

That’s what we will discuss on this week’s episode of Powered On, chewing through the fat and analysing whether any of the new promises will actually result in moving the needle. 

The climate crisis is a train hurtling towards the end of the line, and governments around the world need to put the brakes on before the train runs out of track. However, despite the UK’s leadership and Boris Johnson’s hope that Cop26 would be ‘the beginning of the end for climate change’, things are rarely ever as black and white as they seem. 

Som join us for the second episode of season two as Jordan O’Brien and Kayleigh Hutchins explore Cop26 and answer the question: Was Cop26 a success or a total cop out? 

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