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SSE Contracting completes Enerveo rebranding

SSE Contracting completes Enerveo rebranding

SSE Contracting has announced a rebrand following the sale of the company to pan-European investment group Aurelius, with the firm now going by the name Enerveo. 

The rebrand is a key milestone in the company’s journey to becoming a standalone business following the sale to Aurelius. It has ambitions to capitalise on the strong pipeline of infrastructure projects across the UK and build upon its standing as a key delivery partner to  private and public sector clients. 

The rebrand to Enerveo is supposedly designed to position the company as a modern, outward thinking and  future  focused  M&E  player  actively  driving  towards  net  zero  goals through embracing new technologies and championing innovation. 

According to the company, the  name  ‘Enerveo’  is  inspired  by  a  number  of  elements  –  firstly,  the  key  role  the  company plays in underpinning the energy sector, represented by ‘Ener’. Secondly, the  word  ‘Nerve’  which is  at  play  in  the  middle  of  the  name,  identifies  Enerveo  as  being at the ‘nerve centre’ of the critical infrastructure that the company is responsible for upgrading and maintaining across the UK and Ireland. The final element of the new name is ‘Eo’, meaning ‘I go’ in Latin. This element is further emphasised by one of the key design elements of the brand, a forward slanting E, showing both motion and a brand facing into the future. 

Alongside  the  new  name  and  brand  identity, the  rebrand  recognises  the  company’s  vision to continue to build upon its experience and skills in complex environments, but also  its  ambitions  to  deliver  technology  capable  of  connecting  urban  centres  and  communities.  Enerveo  remains  committed  to  maximising  energy  efficiencies  and  creating value within the sector, unlocking potential for customers and delivering the company’s key core values with a refreshed approach and new vision.

Pinder Kang, Director of Work Winning at Enerveo, commented, “This is an exciting and momentous day in the history of our business. To rebrand within a matter of months of our acquisition has been no easy task, but the team have worked tirelessly over the last  couple  of  months  to  create  a  brand  and  identity  that  encapsulates  our  forward  facing  vision  and  core  values  whilst  recognising  where  we  have  come  from  and  retaining our DNA as a business.

“The rebrand comes at a great time for us to make a splash in the market – we have an eye-catching new brand identity that leads people to sit up and take notice, and we are  striking  at  the  right  time;  the  country  has  been  through  a  period  of  turmoil,  but  infrastructure  is  now  at  the  fore  of  the  government’s  forward  looking  strategy  and  growth plans are perfectly aligned to our commitment to innovation and renewal.

“Enerveo’s mission is to support our customers with achieving their net-zero goals and create a sustainable future for the communities and people we serve, and we’re ready to push the boundaries of contracting into the future.”

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