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UK Power Networks, Go-Ahead Group gear up for onslaught of electric buses

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UK Power Networks has for some time detailed the improvements it’s making to its network in order to prepare for the transition to electric vehicles, but now the firm is gearing up for an onslaught of thousands of electric buses from Go-Ahead Group. 

Go-Ahead Group is planning to transition its fleet of 5,000 buses to zero-emissions technology, with the vast majority set to be electrified. That presents a huge problem, as those buses will need to be charged, potentially putting the grid to the test. 

Thankfully, UK Networks has just completed a study to work out the logistics of the transition. The study aimed to provide visibility on the electrical network capacity, infrastructure requirements and estimated infrastructure costs for 35 garages at locations ranging from Plymouth to Scarborough, as identified by Go-Ahead.

Kieran Coughlan, Head of Strategic Advisory Services at UK Power Networks Services, commented, “We are thrilled to support Go-Ahead in their plans to electrify their buses, contribute to the UK’s Net Zero targets and deliver improved air quality to commuters and residents served by the fleet of buses. As a responsible corporate citizen, we take pride in being able to leverage our engineering expertise to help our clients achieve their goals while contributing to the UK’s green agenda.”

UK Power Networks Services also investigated potential solutions including energy storage, flexible and timed connections, developed a prioritisation framework and implementation plan, and identified the resources required for each site to enable the overall EV infrastructure roll-out.

As a next step, UK Power Networks Services will support Go-Ahead with developing concept designs, evaluating alternative connection options, addressing site specific challenges before proceeding to detailed design and build services.

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