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Powered On podcast returns for a second season

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Welcome back to the Powered On podcast! After the smashing success of Season One, we are back with the first episode in what we plan to be a slightly longer season. A lot has changed with this season, with a brand-new hosting duo featuring Jordan O’Brien, Editor of Electrical Review and Kayleigh Hutchins, Editor of Data Centre Review.

In this, the very first episode of Season Two, we discuss the energy crisis that is currently gripping the UK and what has caused it. We explore how past decisions could have helped exacerbate the issues we now face, and how we can prevent making these same mistakes.

In addition, we look at the transition to renewables – an inherently intermittent energy source – and discuss whether this will help us avoid a future energy crisis.

There’s plenty to unpack, so why not grab some headphones and enjoy Powered On’s glorious return with Will renewables prevent a future energy crisis?

As always, you can get in touch with any questions, feedback or suggestions for future discussion via our dedicated podcast email [email protected]. We hope you enjoy the episode!

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