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Manchester College brings old solar panels back to life

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A Manchester College recently learned there’s still life left in its old solar PV panels, enlisting the help of Ash Integrated Services to bring them back to life. 

With campuses in the Manchester suburbs of Harphuhey and Wythenshawe both having solar panels, the college wanted to ensure that it could continue to contribute to the decarbonisation of the grid. So, it turned to Ash Integrated Services, which agreed to breathe new life into the old panels. 

Antony Grace, Director at Ash Integrated Services, commented, “We’re very pleased to see The Manchester College back to full power after replacing components on the solar PV panels.

“Microgeneration schemes like this are part of the country’s journey to sustainability by supplying net zero carbon electricity where they’re needed. However, without regular maintenance, they can become little more than expensive roof tiles.”

Alongside bringing the solar panels back to life, Ash Integrated Services also installed new EV charging points at both campuses. 

Grace continued, “These panels will be able to help power staff and school vehicles, thanks to the electric charge points we have also installed at Wythenshawe and Openshaw.

“With more and more of our staff now qualified to perform this type of work, including the company’s directors, we hope to expand our work in this area significantly in the coming months and years.”

A spokesperson for The Manchester College Group, added, “This is a major step forward in delivering our sustainable strategy, enabling the college to move closer to carbon neutrality, and to provide alternative fuel sources for all.”

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