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UK Power Networks completes installation of first new transformer for Purfleet

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UK Power Networks is currently in the middle of upgrading the power infrastructure in and around the Essex town of Purfleet, with the distribution network operator completing the installation of the first new transformer. 

The new transformer has been energised as part of the £5.6 million upgrade project, meaning it is already providing a much-needed upgrade to the local grid in Purfleet, but it will soon be joined by another transformer. 

That second transformer is set to go live next year, and will get the Thurrock area ready for the anticipated rise in electric vehicles and heat pumps in the coming years. However, it’s not the only new equipment to be installed – with new circuit breakers and switching equipment that will enable remote fixes in the event of a power cut. 

UK Power Networks said that the upgraded hardware will help maintain reliable electricity supplies for around 18,000 local homes and businesses. 

Paul Wisdom, Project Manager for UK Power Networks, commented, “We are effectively halfway there now with the first transformer installed and looking forward to completing a vital project for the Purfleet area next year with the energising of a second.

“The work we are doing will have lasting benefits for the local community with thousands of homes and businesses knowing they have more robust power supplies as the country as a whole moves towards its net zero goals.”

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