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ABB provides reliable, efficient power conversion for industrial applications

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Helping to solve the specific power challenges of today’s unique industrial applications, ABB has expanded its line of proven CC-series conduction-cooled rectifiers.

The line-up sees the addition of the CC2725AC34TZL, CC2725AC48TZL and CC3500AC52TZL power supplies. The new rectifiers feature wide output voltage ranges to provide the precise power needed for various industrial applications as well as the high power density and efficiency required in industrial systems.

Output voltage ranges and efficiencies for the new power supplies are: 

  • CC2725AC34TZL – 28-36 volts DC (VDC) output range and 94% efficiency
  • CC2725AC48TZL – 30-58VDC output voltage range and 95% efficiency
  • CC3500AC52TZL – 42-53VDC output range and 80 PLUS Titanium-level 96% efficiency

“Powering today’s diverse and complex industrial applications can present an array of unique challenges, and most applications have their own unique sets of requirements. Factors such as size, power level, operating environment, reliability, and heavy-duty cycling availability all need to be taken into account,” explained Jim Montgomery, senior product manager at ABB. 

“We’re working closely with industrial customers to identify and address their specific power challenges and to create the robust, reliable power supplies they need.”

Fast transient response is one example of an industrial power requirement that is in demand today. It’s a common concern for applications such as industrial lasers, military and 5G radio communications, medical particle beam accelerators, and supercomputers. In applications like these, rapid power pulsing is required to help ensure proper operation – and that rapid pulsing can be harsh on the power supply.

“Imagine a power supply that needs to manage power pulses of up to 10,000 cycles per second. That fast, demanding cycling puts a strain on the reliability and performance of a power supply,” Montgomery continued. 

“To help manage this strenuous activity, system designers can employ our control loop technology. This enables users to precisely tune the power units to best accommodate the transient response needs of their applications, which, in turn, helps ensure consistent, reliable power each time the load cycles between zero and full power – and can extend the overall life of the rectifier.”

Additional features

ABB’s new CC2725AC48 rectifier introduces a new level of power density, in part due to its compact size and reduced weight. The rectifier is designed to meet the needs of smaller industrial devices such as robotics or scientific and life-science RF devices – where weight and size are key design drivers.

All three of the new CC-series rectifiers employ fanless thermal management techniques to better channel and manage heat and maintain optimally rated power levels – a frequent challenge in small, fully enclosed electrical devices. By placing power conversion components near, or even in contact with, a metal casing, excessive heat can be wicked away via conductive cooling. In addition, the rectifiers can easily be adapted to integrate with an applications’ existing heat sink or chill plate, enabling even higher power densities and efficiencies at a system level.

The new CC-series rectifiers also feature:

  • Fully digital operation, enabling higher efficiencies and power densities
  • Both PMBus-compliant I2C serial bus and RS485 communications for diagnostics, reporting, remote monitoring and, for the CC3500AC52, remote firmware updates
  • Comprehensive input, output and over-temperature protection
  • Redundant, parallel operation with active load sharing and redundant 5V auxiliary power
  • Power factor correction that meets both EN/IEC 61000-3-2 and EN 60555-2 requirements

To learn more about these new products and ABB’s full line of CC rectifiers, click here.

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