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Californian women are ditching their electric vehicles

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Electric Vehicles in California

New research assesses the reasons behind ‘discontinuance’ of electric vehicle (EV) ownership in California. That is, people who have abandoned the new technology, after first purchasing a car propelled by electricity.

Using a series of questionnaire surveys, researchers have found that, ‘discontinuance in California occurs at a rate of 20% for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle owners and 18% for battery electric vehicle owners.’ These are serious rejection statistics.  

There are five main reasons behind these decisions to stop using electric vehicles. These are: dissatisfaction with the inconvenience of charging; having other vehicles in the household that are less efficient; not having level 2 (240-volt) charging at home; having fewer household vehicles, and, wait for it, ‘not being male’.

No further explanation was provided. As they say, what Californians do today, the rest of us are likely to be copying tomorrow.

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  • by Frank_H
    Posted July 23, 2021 11:01 am 0Likes

    This is the academic version of click bait, you quote the abstract accurately but the abstract is essentially a teaser to the paper which in fact is very thorough and not as seemingly black and white as it seems. The paper is available here:
    The highlight for me was the dissatisfaction of the vehicles was that it depended very much on manufacturer. Fiat was high and Tesla was very low in terms of dissatisfaction. One bigger take away here is that some 1st Gen e-cars were terrible and Tesla led the pack, which I think is something we could all easily guess. Also, the drivers under consideration live in California which compared to the ROW has a unique set of driving issues with very long commutes at slow speed and a very high reliance on cars for any transportation.
    I’d be very interested in a similar survey now that other mainstream brand have been available for sometime. The purchasers in this survey were more affluent than the average, now there is a wider range of vehicles available and a greater choice of premium vehicles the picture could well be very different.

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