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Octopus Energy’s EV charger installers finally get electric vans

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Octopus Energy has purchased 23 fully-electric Peugeot e-Expert vans for its electrical engineers installing EV chargers in London. 

It’s always been odd to me that those installing EV chargers and purporting the benefits of electric vehicles, continued to drive around in diesel vans. That’s basically what Octopus Energy has been doing, with the firm having previously worked with a fleet of 60 Peugeot Expert diesel vans. 

However, the firm is finally upgrading those vans by ditching fossil fuels completely. It began the switch in June, with a total of 23 vans joining the fleet, all boasting a 75kWh battery, which has enough juice to do around 205 miles on a full charge. 

Julie David, managing director of Peugeot UK, said, “We’re delighted that Octopus Energy has chosen PEUGEOT’s full electric e-Expert van as the latest vehicle to join its fleet. Octopus are doing a great job supporting Britain’s transition over to electrification with the work installing charge points across the capital. With a range of up to 205 miles and a maximum payload of up to a ton, the PEUGEOT e-Expert is a fantastic choice for businesses looking to operate practically and sustainably.”

The fleet of PEUGEOT e-Expert vans has been ordered through Peugeot franchised Retailer Marshall, Cambridge and funded by FREE2MOVE Lease UK. The order has been placed with Peugeot’s FREE2MOVE Connect Fleet telematics service, which allows drivers to stay connected to their vehicle, closely monitoring details such as mileage, fuel consumption and mechanical system. Peugeot’s light commercial vehicle (LCV) range is now available with a complimentary six-month trial subscription to its FREE2MOVE Connect Fleet telematics service when customers order a new van, including models across the e-LCV range.

John Szymik, CEO of Octopus Energy Services, added, “As a green energy provider, we are focused on driving the renewable energy revolution globally. We don’t just mean in the energy industry either, with transport being the UK’s largest emitting sector it’s high time we put the brakes on unnecessary internal combustion cars on the road. Our 23 new Peugeot e-Expert vans ensure we are firmly in the driving seat as we begin decarbonising our whole engineering fleet. With our new vehicles we’ll be able to install the next generation of clean energy products including heat pumps, electric vehicle chargers and smart meters. Helping improve air quality in cities across the UK and reducing the country’s emission as a whole.”

Shane Coomber, commercial director of Free2Move Lease UK, concluded, “With our business leasing knowledge, solutions, and services, Free2Move Lease is here to help businesses in their transition so it is smooth, progressive and effective. We’re delighted to have supported Octopus Energy on each step of their transition to an electric fleet. This move is pivotal in their mission to drive the renewable energy revolution, helping improve air quality in cities across the UK and reduce CO2 emissions.”

The e-Expert vans will be provided through Octopus Energy’s own fully electric leasing business, Octopus Electric Vehicles.

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