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Metrel highlights free software updates for its tester line-up

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It’s not uncommon for a manufacturer to force users to buy a new model or pay for software upgrades for new features, but as Brendan Beaver, manager of Metrel UK, explains, that’s not Metrel’s approach. 

“At Metrel we are keen that you are working with the latest firmware. And we don’t think you should pay extra for it,” said Brendan.

“For example, owners of our DELTA and GAMMA PATs, MI 3309 and MI 3311, can now download a firmware refresh that ensures they are testing to the 5th Edition of the COP direct from our website.”

While the software upgrades are free, they are also incredibly simple to download. 

Brendan comments, “The process is so simple, go to the site, log in, connect your instrument and go to downloads. The system will recognise whether your tester has the latest firmware and if not load it. It couldn’t be simpler.

“This policy applies to all Metrel testers. Early buyers of the multifunction testers could just reload the firmware when the EVSE Autosequence was released. So very different from the competition.”

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