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myenergi redesigns product line-up in response to global chip shortage

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The global chip shortage continues to adversely impact the tech industry, with myenergi now redesigning its devices in response to the crisis. 

The ECA and SELECT recently warned its members about a shortage of products and materials, largely driven by the global chip shortage. This shortage began last year due to a combination of events, exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Manufacturers around the world have been impacted, with Apple, Samsung and Tesla just a few of the big names who have had to contend with the shortage. Now myenergi has had to find a solution to the problem, with the British manufacturer deciding to complete a major product redesign project to address the shortage. 

Lead times for some microprocessors now exceed 52 weeks, which was a major issue for myenergi, as it continues to enjoy explosive growth . 

To future-proof the business and ensure that demand would not outstrip supply over the long term, myenergi’s team of engineers tackled the impending supply issue head on, working round the clock to completely redesign its product range. The updated designs operate on a new, more powerful microprocessor which is not affected by the silicon shortage.

Alongside enabling the increased production of myenergi’s zappi, eddi, harvi and hub products, the more powerful microprocessor will facilitate additional features over time, giving customers greater control over their energy consumption at home.

Dr Chris Horne, Chief Technology Officer of myenergi, commented, “The global silicon shortage has caused difficulties for numerous sectors globally, with ever growing lead times for critical microchips leading to car production being halted, a shortage of consumer goods and massive price rises in computer components, to name just a few.

“As a key component for our products, we had been building stock to offset the shortage and cover our plans to boost output, but we knew this problem would persist for the foreseeable future. In light of this, we moved quickly to change our operating platform, completing the project in just three months. We’re now in a strong position to meet the increasing demand for our range of efficient energy control products, which continues to grow as the global push towards Net Zero Carbon gains momentum.”

Jordan Brompton, co-founder and CMO of myenergi, added, “We have effectively innovated ourselves out of a challenging situation, demonstrating the pace and flexibility needed to excel in today’s rapidly-developing technology landscape. Thanks to the dedication of our R&D division, each product in our range has been redesigned to ensure compatibility with a new, more powerful, less utilised type of microchip, making our products capable of even more than before while providing a whole host of additional features and customer benefits.” 

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