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Wieland Electric presents MOLA, a new device connector for the RST MINI system

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The new device connection clearly sets a signal for the future in the area of pluggability, as there is no comparable system on the market.

MOLA has unique qualities all concentrated around its adaptability and ease of assembly. This is accomplished by the use of double conductor connections equipped with a push-in spring. The flexibility to prefabricate components at different locations and it’s suitability for automatic wiring ensure installations with a high degree of protection are greatly simplified.

MOLA was designed with luminaire manufacturers in mind, although it can also be used in other applications. As a result, the flexibility of the connection can assist areas such as motors, heaters, and controllers in general. MOLA® is available in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-pole versions, and is intended for 20 mm through holes, making conversion to MOLA a breeze.

The modular design ensures that, the internal wiring harness and the housing can be prefabricated separately. For special requirements, an optional contact seal can provide additional protection against moisture penetration, so that MOLA can be used even under the most adverse conditions without any problems.

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