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UK Power Networks to spend £6 million on upgrade to Hertfordshire substation

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UK Power Networks has announced that it is investing £6 million into the upgrading of a substation in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. 

The substation provides power for more than 60,000 local homes and businesses, with it not only serving the area of Hoddesdon, but also of the surrounding communities in Broxbourne, Hertford and Ware. 

Electrical engineers are already installing a new piece of electrical equipment, a state-of-the-art transformer due to be energised next month, which reduces voltage to deliver electricity safely to other local substations and on to homes.

In total, four transformers will be removed and replaced with three near double capacity new ones. The second transformer will arrive in October, with a third to follow to complete the scheme next summer.

Phil O’Blath, project manager at UK Power Networks, commented, “This is a significant investment by UK Power Networks that will maintain reliable electricity supplies for a large section of the residents, businesses and communities we serve across the east of Hertfordshire.

“The upgrade once the three new transformers are in place will be well-equipped to meet future growth in demand and keep the power flowing to the local community for years to come.

“This upgrade will in time help local communities achieve their decarbonisation ambitions; so as more customers turn to low carbon technologies such as electric vehicles, they have a supply and infrastructure that’s fit for purpose. There are other environmental benefits, too, with the more modern equipment being more sustainable and energy efficient.

“The new transformers will increase capacity in the Lea Valley region and should increase the resilience of the electricity network to reduce the potential and impact of power cuts in both Hoddesdon and its surrounding areas.”

The new transformers are replacing equipment installed in the 1950s. Each new transformer receives electricity at 132,000-volts and lowers it to 33,000-volts.The Hoddesdon project forms part of the £600 million UK Power Networks is investing in the electricity network across the East of England, London and the South East this year. Other projects that have received funding under this upgrade programme include the installation of new load blinding relays, which should unlock capacity on the grid for renewable energy.

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