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Powered On: What is the UK Government doing to achieve net zero?

In our last episode ‘New Grids on the Block’ we discussed whether National Grid and our government in general were up to task when it came to achieving our ambitious net zero by 2050 target.

In this week’s episode, ‘Children of the Green Revolution’, we delve deeper, going beyond net zero to ascertain what the government actually plans to do to help us ‘build back greener’ from the pandemic.

As a country, we should be leading the way. As this year’s hosts of the 26th annual UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), you’d think we’d have our proverbial green ducks in a row. But with just six months to go, are we going to be left red faced on the global stage once again?

While Boris has appeared confident in raising climate ambition publicly, the majority of our government’s domestic policy announcements designed to help, seem to be pulling in the opposite direction, with the consumer (and the environment) being the ones to suffer from these errors.

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We’ll be back in two weeks with another instalment of Powered On, but until then, we hope you enjoy our second ever episode! And if you’ve not given Episode 1 a listen, what are you waiting for?

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