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TESP partners with The Youth Group to address industry skills gap

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The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP) has partnered with The Youth Group to help improve the lives of young people, as well as address the skills gap in the electrical industry. 

As part of the partnership, TESP is asking those in the electrotechnical industry to donate at least 45 minutes of their time to mentor a young person. The hope is that this mentorship will help inspire and inform young people about a career in the electrical industry. 

This kind of mentorship scheme is desperately needed in the electrical industry, as it undergoes a significant shift on the road to net zero. That means we not only need more people to join the industry, but we also need new skills to install these technologies that are coming online. 

Just recently, the Electrical Contractors Association (ECA) called for firms to hire more apprentices to address this skills gap. It’s hoped that by those in the electrotechnical industry donating their time to mentor younger people, there will be even more people wanting to be apprentices. 

While those in the electrotechnical industry are being asked to donate just 45 minutes of their time, it should be noted that is a minimum commitment. Those wanting to donate more time are more than welcome under The Youth Group’s mentorship scheme.

If as a mentor you choose to continue, you can speak to a variety of different job seekers and share your experiences and insights, or work with one individual and support them on their journey to develop and get a job.

As an added benefit, for each mentoring session carried out via The Youth Group, a tree will be planted in one of the National Parks across the UK as part of the ‘Net Zero with Nature’ programme.

Jack Parsons, CEO of The Youth Group, commented. “I’m over the moon that TESP and The Youth Group are going to be working together to pioneer a new wave of mentoring in the electrotechnical industry. It’s so important that young people who want to get into this sector are provided with the hope, skills, and opportunities they need to reach their full potential in work”

Ruth Devine, Chair of TESP, added, “We can’t wait to start working with The Youth Group and calling our industry experts to action. The electrical industry presents fantastic opportunities in areas such as new technologies and low carbon solutions, so we’re confident our mentors will be able to provide informative and inspirational advice to young people.”

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