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How CP Electronics’ miniature detectors help make Covid-19 wards safer

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CP Electronics’ miniature presence detectors have been incorporated into a state-of-the-art disinfection device from Amity International, used to make hospital wards safer from COVID. 

Amity International is a specialist disinfectants manufacturer with a reputation for product innovation, including the AIRDECON UVC which kills microorganisms using the power of UVC light, providing fast disinfection and minimal room downtime.

Amity International were looking for a sensor that was small enough to fit into the AIRDECON UVC device without the need for any changes to the design. CP Electronics advised Amity that the miniature presence detectors (EBMHS) would be perfect for their requirements due not only to their compact proportions but also their superior detection performance. The sensors provide occupancy status as an open collector switching output and provide an excellent detection range of up to 7m forward detection and up to 8m each way.

To ensure the safety of patients and staff within the hospital, the device is installed with four CP Electronics mini presence detectors that shut down the UVC emissions if any movement is detected. A light and buzzer give further signals to ensure the occupant is made aware that the UVC device is deployed in the room. The use of CP Electronics occupancy sensors allows this powerful device to do its job safely and reliably and by accurately detecting any human presence, the possibility of human exposure to harmful UV emissions is minimised.

Stephen Byrne, technical manager at Amity, commented, “By incorporating CP Electronics PIR sensors into our AIRDECON UVC systems we can confidently operate these powerful systems in a busy hospital environment and have peace of mind that the staff and patients are protected from accidental UV exposure.”The AIRDECON UVC fitted with CP Electronics PIR sensors can be seen on Amity’s website.

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