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Green Revolution? More like a small uprising

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The long-promised Green Revolution is finally here, right? The 2021 Budget was meant to offer a vision for the future economical revival for the UK, and while there were certainly some good ideas announced, there was no bold plan for how the UK will achieve net zero by 2050. 

We’ve done a rundown of all the key aspects of the 2021 Budget and how it will spark a Green Revolution, but we just wanted to highlight one thing that was notably absent: the Green Homes Grant. 

The Green Homes Grant was announced last year as a way to spur investment in energy efficiency improvement, but despite a whole lot of hoopla, the scheme has fallen flat on its face. Many had hoped that the 2021 Budget would see some significant improvements made on the Green Homes Grant, but instead, it looks like we’ll just be heading towards the £1.5 billion defunding that you can read about on Electrical Review

If the UK wants to build back better and greener, we need this Government to be more ambitious when it comes to funding the Green Revolution. Today’s announcements were a nice start, but I’d class it as a small uprising rather than a full-on Green Revolution. 

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