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Schneider Electric adds new UPS products to EcoStruxure Specifier Tool

Jordan O'Brien

Jordan O'Brien

Contributing Editor
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Schneider Electric is updating its EcoStruxure Specifier Tool, with the software now allowing the specification of both single and three-phase UPS.

Schneider Electric is updating its EcoStruxure Specifier Tool, with the software now allowing the specification of both single and three-phase UPS. 

The free online tool now includes the recently announced Schneider Electric Easy-UPS range, Galaxy family, and Smart-UPS with Lithium-ion batteries, enabling consultants and engineers to specify UPS requirements from 1-1500kVA rating, 

Building on the developments announced in 2020, which saw new mechanical specifications added to the software, the EcoStruxure Specifier Tool makes the process of generating, editing and completing tenders easier; helping users to quickly design and specify mission-critical power systems that drive uptime and business continuity. The new update also provides partners with access to pre-tested electrical reference designs, enabling them to identify ways to increase project revenue, such as through the integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in smart buildings and data centres, and by bidding on larger-scale electrical projects.

“The new updates to the EcoStruxure Specifier Tool enable rapid modernisation, ease of use and streamlining of tender proposals for UPS applications,” said Andrew Wakeley, Customer Channel Marketing Manager for Schneider Electric UK&I. 

“With greater enablement and access to a diverse range of power technologies, our partners can quickly design, specify and bid on large-scale electrical projects, supporting their growth in collaboration with Schneider Electric’s products and services.”

Simplifying mission-critical design Accessed within the Schneider Electric partner portal, the EcoStruxure Specifier Tool allows consultants to create customised pages for end-user projects, while its intelligent learning capabilities analyse tender information to gain a better understanding of the customer application. The analysis suggests products, solutions and reference designs, which will ensure uptime and reliability across customer sites. Further, by utilising the tool, partners are able to diversify existing skill sets and train their engineering teams to bridge the skills gap; specifying resilient backup power systems that combine performance with efficiency.

“With greater focus on Net Zero and sustainability initiatives, partners need access to the latest technologies and a means to both guide and educate their customers,” said Marc Garner, Vice President, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric UK&I. 

“The EcoStruxure Specifier Tool is designed to help electrical and IT professionals work in collaboration with end-users, providing guidance on how to balance mission-critical reliability with electrical energy efficiency, for a long-term, sustainable outcome.”

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