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Megger debuts new TPT420 two-pole voltage tester

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Megger has announced the new TPT420 two-pole voltage tester, which it says offers outstanding value for money for those in the electrical industry. 

The Megger TPT420 boasts a CAT IV 1000 V safety rating, which is in line with EN 61010-1:201. This makes it suitable for use anywhere on standard low-voltage installations, including three-phase systems. The TPT420 also complies fully with the EN 61243-3:2010 standard that specifically covers the safety of two-pole testers, and it has a self-test function that can be used to verify that it is working correctly.

Megger notes that the TPT420 is readily pocketable, robustly constructed and it provides an extensive range of functions, making it the ideal go-anywhere tester for electrical contractors. It uses a dual display system, with a vertical bar of LEDs giving an at-a-glance indication of voltage in six steps complemented by a backlit LCD that provides a three-digit voltage reading. Also provided are two LEDs that light to show when the tester is connected to a live circuit, even if its internal battery is dead or missing.

“Electricians told us they need a reliable and robust instrument that they can keep with them throughout the working day, and use for making fast but dependable voltage checks,” said Peter Wade of Megger.

“With the TPT420 that’s exactly what we’ve provided. It’s small and light, yet it will also stand up to everyday knocks and drops. And it does much more than simply check voltages, so it will quickly earn its keep. We believe that every electrician should have one.”

As well as measuring voltage, the new Megger TPT420 two-pole tester also has a continuity test function with a buzzer, an integrated torch, and facilities for checking phase rotation in three-phase systems. In addition to the zip-up carrying pouch, it is supplied complete with test probes and replaceable GS38 probe tips.

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