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Stoke Newington gets £3.5 million boost to ensure electrical network reliability

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UK Power Networks

The electrical network in Stoke Newington, which serves more than 50,000 homes and businesses, has been upgraded by UK Power Networks. 

The newly-upgraded network came at a cost of £3.5 million, although should ensure reliable supplies for homes and businesses in the area for years to come, according to UK Power Networks. 

As the DNO for London, the South East and the East of England, UK Power Networks is responsible for ensuring that local electrical networks stay online and are well maintained. 

This latest upgrade is part of the company’s strategy for North London, allowing it to decommission older electricity cabling in the Hackney area and move into a new era with state-of-the-art equipment fit for the future of the network. 

The work involved extending an electricity supply point at Edwards Lane to allow space for new cabling to be connected to the network. 

Tom Parminter, assistant project manager at UK Power Networks, said, “Thousands of people in the area now rely on this part of our network for a safe, efficient and reliable electricity supply.

“This essential project will strengthen our electricity network for the benefit of customers in Stoke Newington and meet growing demand for electricity in the area.”

This network improvement project is part of the company’s £600 million investment in its electricity networks this year.

The UK’s electricity network will need to be upgraded to cope with the expected increase in demand from customers. The roll-out of electric vehicles is placing pressure on local networks, especially around businesses wishing to roll-out an array of rapid and fast chargers. 

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