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Sounds like bliss

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Gas Boiler Ban

There’s something about Twitter that seemingly brings to the fore the worst in people, and to prove that, I would like to share this tweet from former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney

In this tweet, he comments on the policies that the UK Government is pursuing in order to bring down the country’s carbon emissions; policies such as the banning of gas boilers and petrol cars. He suggests that these policies are a ‘woke nightmare’, and calls for that nightmare to end. 

Now unfortunately for Daubney, he doesn’t appear to be an expert in climate science, or much of anything. Just a look at some of his other tweets prove that not only is he a climate denier, but also an anti-vaxxer. Thankfully for us, it means that his comments are unlikely to make the Government change its mind all of a sudden. 

I understand the worry about the poorest in society being left behind, but none of the policies that Daubney cited are going to impact those people right now anyway. The ban on petrol cars, for example, is only impacting those who are looking to buy new, and, correct me if I’m wrong, the poorest in society are rarely associated with buying brand-new cars straight from the dealership. Also it’s not being implemented until 2030, meaning there’s plenty of time for the cost of EVs to come down. 

There’s no arguing that the cost of buying an electric vehicle is currently high, but that’s not the only sum that we need to look at. Research from Direct Line earlier in the year has already argued that owning an electric car is already cheaper than owning one powered by petrol. This is because the cost of petrol is higher than the cost of electricity, as well as the fact that EVs don’t need as much servicing. 

Now, let’s address the concerns surrounding the gas boiler ban, and well, yet again, it’s a policy that’s at least 10 years away. Plus, the Government is already helping fund the installation of more efficient methods of heating – whether it’s a heat pump or solar heating. Both of these methods of heating are infinitely better for poorer households than gas, they’re safer, they are cheaper to maintain and they cost less to run. In fact, those in poorer households can receive up to 100% of the costs towards the installation of these efficient heating technologies, thanks to the Green Homes Grant. 

So, tell me Mr Daubney, what’s so nightmarish about any of these policies? At 50 years old you’re unlikely to experience the worst of climate change, but the younger generation will and are actively working to limit the impact. If that’s woke, then surely you’re just asleep at the wheel. 

This editorial originally appeared in the Electrical Review Newsletter dated December 10, 2020. To ensure you receive these editorials direct to your inbox, subscribe to the newsletter now. 

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