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Electricians failing to capitalise on social media, despite business boost

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Electricians in the UK that are using social media have experienced a boost to their business, but there’s a serious lack of social media knowledge in the industry. 

New research from IronmongeryDirect looked at the various trades in the UK and explored how each one used social media to boost their bottom line. It found that 45% of electricians using social media had found work through it, although a whopping 81% of electricians had no idea  how to use social media to help their business. 

It’s unsurprising to see a lack of social media knowledge in the UK electrical industry, as the industry tilts towards the older, more traditional side. It’s not the only industry to suffer this problem, however, nearly all tradespeople in the UK admitted to not maximise social media potential, including builders, bricklayers, plumbers and joiners. 

It’s hard to underestimate how big of an opportunity social media provides companies of all shapes and sizes in the UK. An example of the success social media can bring comes from The Brighton Loft Co, a loft conversion company in East Sussex. 

Gilles Buxton, the company’s director, commented,  “When the pandemic hit this year, we started sharing our projects on social media and since we’ve started doing that, we’ve seen an increase in business and enquiries.

“In 2019, we had 40 enquiries, but we’ve already had 72 this year – so we are already up 80% year-on-year, which is fantastic news.”

It’s not just social media

On average, female tradespeople dedicate the most time to social media promotion, with 51% pursuing leads online, compared to just 41% of men. They are also more likely to ask customers to leave reviews online (28% vs 23%) and such digital feedback is growing in significance.

Over 20 million business reviews are posted on Google every day and they can have a huge impact on a company’s performance. A recent study found that businesses with positive scores on review sites can earn up to 58% more revenue.

Overall, just 25% of trade businesses ask for reviews and 26% believe that positive comments can directly lead to more custom. However, 21% of tradespeople worry about receiving negative reviews and the impact that might have.

Take it from this editor, I do my research before letting anyone into my home to do work. That research includes reviews and too few reviews or no reviews is often a red flag – even if you’re the cheapest around. It’s also important that you have a web presence, and that often includes social media – that way I can get a feel for the company. 

Charlie Carlton, head of digital at IronmongeryDirect, noted social media’s importance, “Whether you’re a start-up looking to increase brand awareness, or a larger firm trying to expand, most trade businesses can benefit from being on social media, so it’s definitely worth creating accounts if you don’t already have some.  

“For those who already have social channels, our research has shown that the majority aren’t currently getting the most out of them. However, it doesn’t take that much time or effort to create a basic profile that can start to pick up work.”

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