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InstaVolt rapid EV chargers to be installed at 450 KFC restaurants

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InstaVolt KFC Rapid Electric Vehicle Chargers

InstaVolt has partnered with KFC UK & Ireland to roll-out electric vehicle chargers to more than 450 fast food restaurants across the UK.

KFC has already worked with InstaVolt on the installation of electric vehicle chargers at some of its locations in the UK, in Sheffield, Nottingham, Rotherham and Crewe, although the addition of 450 is significant. The ramping up of the partnership comes soon after the UK Government announced that new diesel and petrol vehicles would be banned from being sold in the UK post-2030.

Many of the new sites have already gone live, including Shirley Road, Birmingham, with locations in London and Hampshire coming online over the next few months. By partnering with KFC, electric vehicle drivers can enjoy a drink or a bite to eat whilst their vehicles are charging at easily accessible locations on the major road network or in busy urban areas.

Adrian Keen, InstaVolt’s chief executive officer, commented, “We are committed to delivering our class-leading rapid charging infrastructure at new locations nationwide. Our partnership with KFC is a fantastic achievement for the team at InstaVolt and will be welcome news for EV drivers across the UK.”

Mathew McCormick, chief development officer at KFC UK & Ireland, added, “Our partnership with market leader InstaVolt is a positive step for our business. We are committed to sustainability and installing EV rapid chargers at our restaurants is strategically very important. Reducing pollution and harmful emissions is a major priority and giving our loyal fans the opportunity to enjoy our iconic fried chicken while charging their electric cars is a perfect combination.”

Fast food charger of choice

InstaVolt appears to be the electric vehicle charger provider of choice for fast food chains in the UK. In addition to its partnership with KFC, InstaVolt is also currently working on rolling-out rapid chargers to McDonalds sites across the UK. That partnership involves the installation of thousands of chargers.

It’s easy to see why those charging positions are so attractive, as McDonald’s and KFC locations are often located both in urban centres, as well as near major roads, offering easy access for millions of electric vehicle drivers. There’s also the added benefit that fast food restaurants come with facilities, from the food and drink offering right down to free Wi-Fi and toilets. 

InstaVolt’s commercial director Lee Adams, echoed that selection criteria, “We seek out sites that have great facilities for drivers. With hundreds of KFC restaurants in easily accessible locations and a dwell time that’s great for on-the-go charging, our partnership with KFC is the perfect collaboration.”

For its part, KFC is partnering with an electric vehicle charger provider that many regard as the gold standard. While the firm doesn’t offer free charging, like Pod Point, its rapid chargers have been noted for their reliability. In fact, the firm was named as the best electric vehicle charging network for multiple brands in 2020 in Auto Express’ first ever chargepoint operator survey.

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