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UK to begin phase out of gas in three years, as gas boiler ban set for 2023

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New-build homes within the UK will have to be heated by something other than a gas boiler, as reports suggest they could be banned in the next three years.

The Times is reporting that a ban on gas boilers in new-build homes is set to come into effect in 2023 in order to help the UK meet its commitment to net zero by 2050. The move would force developers to adopt other technologies for heating homes. 

What does a gas boiler ban mean for the electrical industry?

A ban on gas boilers could potentially be huge for the electric industry, as it would mean that housing developers would have to explore other means for heating homes. That could be through an electric heat pump or solar panels. 

Given the fact that the UK aims to build 300,000 new homes a year, those installing heat pumps today could see their businesses grow exponentially over the next few years. Currently around 30,000 heat pumps are installed annually, but the Government is aiming for an increase to 600,000 a year by 2028. 

The UK Government is already hoping existing homeowners will switch over to heat pumps through incentive schemes like the Green Homes Grant, but take up hasn’t exactly been explosive. That’s because heat pumps are still a large investment for many homeowners to make. 

Existing homeowners may not get much of a choice about having a gas boiler in the future, however. That’s because The Times is reporting that the Government currently plans to implement a gas boiler ban for existing homes by 2035, although they could potentially be replaced by hydrogen boilers in a bid to cut emissions.

What benefits would the UK see from a gas boiler ban?

The benefits of a gas boiler ban aren’t solely focused on increasing market activity in the electrical market, but also on the fact that it will help the environment. Each time gas is burned it releases carbon emissions into the atmosphere, something the UK Government wants to avoid. 

Additionally, while gas boilers are mostly safe, they have the potential to leak carbon monoxide when not looked after properly. That means they require servicing once a year, whereas other sources pose significantly less dangers and require far less servicing. Pair that with the fact that heat pumps in particular are far more efficient at heating homes, therefore cheaper, and you have plenty of reasons to look forward to a gas boiler ban. 

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