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More than half of electricians admit to having their tools stolen

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Tools thief

Tools are amongst the biggest investments that electrical companies make, yet more than half of electricians have admitted to having had their tools stolen. 

That revelation comes from new research by Direct Line – Business, which revealed that 58% of electricians have had tools stolen, with the majority of tool thefts happening overnight. 

The research looked at trades in general, which found that electricians were the second most likely to have their tools stolen, with roofers taking the top spot at 65%. Plumbers followed shortly behind electricians at 55%. 

While it’s certainly worrying that 58% of electricians have had their tools stolen, it’s not hard to figure out why. That’s because, despite many warnings, 73% of tradespeople admitted to leaving tools in their vans overnight. Sure, it’s less of a hassle to leave tools in the van, but it seems thieves are banking on that. 

Young tradespeople were most likely to have left tools in their vehicle overnight frequently, with 54% admitting to doing so, which is why they are also the largest group of victims of tool theft, with the figure standing at an alarming 68% for 18-34-year-olds.

Tool theft can cause financial difficulties

It is true that tools are replaceable, but the cost of doing so can be prohibitive for many electricians. In fact, 30% of respondents to the survey admitted that it took at least a week to replace their essential tools, which meant they missed out on important jobs and were hit hard financially. 

Despite the threat, only 27% of tradespeople have a specific insurance policy which protects their tools kept in their vehicle overnight. Concerningly, 18% of tradespeople who’ve had their tools stolen in the past still don’t have insurance to cover their tools overnight in a vehicle, nor plan on investing in any in the future.

Jonny McHugh, SME business manager at Direct Line, said, “Tool theft is an ongoing problem for tradespeople up and down the country – with a majority of roofers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters having had their tools stolen. With so many leaving their equipment in their vans at the end of a busy day, overnight theft from vehicles is a particular threat.

“At Direct Line, we know the impact of tool theft can be devastating, and we’re committed to giving tradespeople the protection they need to enable them to do what they do best. We offer a range of flexible insurance cover options allowing tradespeople to build a policy which covers their specific insurance needs, whether that’s cover for during the day at work or tools locked in a van overnight.”

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